"Technology Trends that will Shape the Future of Financial Services"--Our CEO Dr. Miles Wen shared in the Banking Conference 2019

release time:2019-09-30
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Thanks The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers for organizing the amazing event of the Banking Conference 2019! Our CEO Dr. Miles Wen was invited to share his insights on the panel, "Technology Trends that will Shape the Future of Financial Services".



26 September 2019 marks the return of one of the largest events in the banking industry in Hong Kong: the 11th HKIB Annual Banking Conference. This one-day banking conference is where the best in the banking industry, from top executives to the brightest minds, gather to network, learn and explore innovative ideas and exciting opportunities.



This year, the Banking Conference will focus on the most important digital innovations and policies adjustments in the banking industry. From the new national Greater Bay Area masterplan, which offers exciting opportunities to the financial services sector, to the latest technological advancements affecting the industry from consumer to banking operations, these new changes bring possibility and evolution.



As a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence in Hong Kong, Fano Labs has strong R&D commercialization capability in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).


In recent years, Fano has provided AI technology solutions for banks, insurance and other financial industry customers, helping financial companies improve service quality and efficiency and reduce management costs. In the Banking Conference 2019, Fano Labs showcased AI technology solutions with case study in the fields of Fintech and had a lively communication with other attendees.

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