AI technologies are having far-reaching influence on the transformation in banking, insurance, securities and other financial industries. With the advanced AI technologies, Fano Labs provides smart solutions for customers from finance sectors, including AI Customer Service System and Speech Analytics for compliance, which have greatly enhanced the management capability and business development of banks, insurance companies and so on.


Pain Points

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    Huge training costs to deal with complicated industry knowledge

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    High operating costs of customer service center due to high turnover rate

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    Risk of huge fines, lawsuit, and other compliance issues

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    Underutilization of the business value of massive data


  • Finance-domain Chatbot

    Finance-domain Chatbot

    Providing multi-channel, multi-language intelligent customer service system for banks and insurance industries.

  • Speaker Verification

    Speaker Verification

    Shortening the lengthy authentication process through voice verification with voiceprint recognition technology.

  • Sales Compliance

    Sales Compliance

    Accurately detecting non-compliance behaviors in the sales process, which reduces financial compliance risks.

  • KYC & AML

    KYC & AML

    Improving customer’s financial risk-control system with professional knowledge and natural language processing technology.


  • Improve the quality of customer serviceImprove the quality of customer service
  • Reduce the operating costs of customer serviceReduce the operating costs of customer service
  • Enhance the capability of compliance managementEnhance the capability of compliance management
  • Reduce fines or lawsuit caused by compliance issues Reduce fines or lawsuit caused by compliance issues
  • Facilitate better business developmentFacilitate better business development
  • Improve customer satisfactionImprove customer satisfaction

Use Cases

The AI Customer Service System helps the customer with business consulting, business processing, account inquiry, complaint handling and other application scenarios. It has saved annul labor and training cost by millions, which greatly improves the operational efficiency of the customer service center. The Speech Analytics System has full coverage on the sales calls, functioning voice transcription, subject analysis, keywords and risk points detection, and performance assessment. The system raises the coverage of client’s call inspection from 3% to 100%, helps the client establish a comprehensive training and assessment system, and improves the internal management and business capability. It monitors and detects the compliance risk for the account manager during the tele-marketing process, so that the risk of fines, lawsuits and other compliance-related issues can be reduced significantly.

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    Fano Labs provides Speech Analytics System for a commercial bank in Hong Kong.

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    Fano Labs provides AI Customer Service System and Speech Analytics System for a large commercial bank in China.