Smart Government

With the popularization of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in various industries, government departments are also taking an active part in the transformation and upgrade of government services. Fano Labs’ s artificial intelligence system uses Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing technologies to help government departments and public sectors enhance service quality, work efficiency and improve satisfaction of the public.

Smart Government

Pain Points

  • Limited public resources to meet all needs of mass affairs

  • 2

    Too many incidents need to be dealt with in emergencies like natural disasters

  • 3

    The efficiency of traditional government procedures needs improvement

  • Low public satisfaction due to the poor user experience of the original system.


  • Callinter, Speech Analytics System

    Callinter, Speech Analytics System

    Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing technologies to analyze in-depth all types of voices.

  • Incident Management System

    Incident Management System

    Artificial Intelligence for realizing intelligent optimization on incident reporting, management, and responding processes across various industries.

  • Accobot for Government Service

    Accobot for Government Service

    Smart Q&A systems designed for various scenarios of government departments and public sectors.

  • Public Sentiment Analytics

    Public Sentiment Analytics

    Supporting public sentiment analytics in various formats like text and voice and in different channels.


  • Enhance the service quality of the government Enhance the service quality of the government
  • Improve the work efficiency of public officialsImprove the work efficiency of public officials
  • Improve satisfaction of the publicImprove satisfaction of the public
  • Establish a good image of government/public sectors Establish a good image of government/public sectors

Use Cases

In some of the government departments, the staffs need to deal with many kinds of incidents from time to time, such as road accidents, extreme weather, etc. However, the work efficiency is not satisfying when the report and management of such incidents are handled in the traditional way.

Pain Points

- On-site staffs may not be able to send text messages

- Massive incident reports during emergencies or natural disasters

- Short of resources to respond in case of emergencies

Our Solution

- In the smart accident management system, front-line workers can easily use mobile terminals such as mobile phones to report accidents via voice.

- By automatic speech recognition and analysis on the reported information, the system extracts key information (such as accident address, type of accident, severity, etc.).

- Integrated with the internal control platform, the system dispatches relevant responsible departments to handle accidents and timely initiate response to the front-line workers. 

The system greatly improves the automation and intelligence of accident response, simplifies the accident management process, and reduces accident processing time by 80%.

  • Fano Labs provides an Incident Management System for a government department in HK

  • Fano Labs provides smart tourist service robots for a government department in China