Smart Telecom

As one of the industries that have great impact on our daily life, telecommunication is always attaching great importance to the development and application of emerging technologies. In recent years, artificial intelligence has also been increasingly applied to various scenarios in the communications industry, helping telecom service providers facilitate the system intelligence, and improve the user experience and service quality.

Smart Telecom

Pain Points

  • Massive calls of various and complicated businesses

  • High employee turnover rate and high operating cost in call centers

  • High risk of tele-marketing compliance and quality control

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    Low work efficiency caused by non-automatic systems


  • Telecom-domain Chatbot

    Telecom-domain Chatbot

    Providing smart customer service systems in multi-channel, such as social media, mobile applications and telephone systems.

  • Speech-Enabled IVR

    Speech-Enabled IVR

    Understanding users’ voice inquiry directly with Speech-enabled IVR instead of the cumbersome buttons.

  • Voice of Customers

    Voice of Customers

    Effectively identifying users’ complaints by enabling them to speak out the feedback, so as to improve the user experience.

  • Quality Control for Tele-marketing

    Quality Control for Tele-marketing

    Detecting violation risks during calls through Natural Language Processing technology to ensure the quality of customer service.


  • Enhance the service efficiency and reduce customer complaintsEnhance the service efficiency and reduce customer complaints
  • Reduce labor cost and training cost of customer service centerReduce labor cost and training cost of customer service center
  • Improve the efficiency of service quality assuranceImprove the efficiency of service quality assurance
  • Upgrade the customer service system and boost the businessUpgrade the customer service system and boost the business

Use Cases

Smart chatbot supports various formats of Q&A such as voice and text, and it covers application scenarios such as fault repair, service application, account inquiry, and complaint, saving 60% of labor cost and 80% of training cost for the client. The system has significantly improved operation efficiency of customer service center.Smart IVR system and voice feedback system, with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), can understand and analyze the voice inquiries of customers, and respond and record accordingly. This system greatly optimizes the service procedure and user experience of the traditional IVR and user feedback system, improving the efficiency and user satisfaction of all aspects of customer service.

  • Fano Labs provides smart customer service solutions for a large telecom carrier call center in mainland China.

  • Fano Labs provides quality-control system for tele-marketing for a call center in Hong Kong.

  • Fano Labs provides telecom-domain chatbot for a large telecom carrier in Hong Kong.