Enquiries Classification for Tech Support Hotline

Enquiries Classification for Tech Support Hotline

Using Interaction Analytics System Callinter, we empower contact centres to better understand their customers and businesses through analysing and classifying calls.


One of the leading cause for customer churn in businesses is poor customer service experiences, for instance, long wait times, ineffective self-service options, incompetent service agents and unresolved issues all contribute to customer dissatisfaction.

How We Helped

Callinter empowers the contact centres of a business solutions company to improve on service quality and operation efficiency in various ways:

·      First Call Resolution (FCR): identify how likely the calls are resolved in the first attempt and provide a general view on how to reduce recurring calls.

·      Root Cause Analysis (RCA): better understand the root cause of the calls so that the contact centre can know what and how to improve their service.

·      Long Calls Analysis and Average Handling Time (AHT): analyse the reasons for long calls can effectively reduce AHT and transfer rate of the calls.

·      Agent Performance Assessment: analyse and generate ratings and reports on agents’ performance. 

Business Impact