China Mobile HK introduces Fano’s AI chatbot and speech analytics

China Mobile HK introduces Fano’s AI chatbot and speech analytics
January 11, 2022

With the increasingly fierce competition in the local telecommunications business and the continuous improvement of customer service quality requirements, China Mobile Hong Kong has the courage to innovate and introduce new AI technologies to increase the company's competitiveness and provide better customer service. China Mobile Hong Kong cooperated with local AI technology company Fano Labs to gain a deeper understanding of customers through Chatbot and Speech Analytics solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technology.

Accobot, the chatbot of Fano Labs, can automatically respond to general inquiries, effectively reducing the workload of frontline staff by 25%, allowing current frontline staff to focus more on handling complex cases. In addition, Callinter, a voice analysis solution, can convert 100% of telephone recordings into text, which is more effective for quality assurance (Quality Assurance) and subsequent analysis. By analyzing the content of calls to understand customer voices and market messages, different departments such as marketing, operations, and customer service can understand customer needs and responses, and make targeted deployments.

Mr. Liu Jianquan, General Manager of Customer Service of China Mobile Hong Kong, said: "We have introduced Fano Lab's artificial intelligence chatbots and voice analysis solutions to the customer service department to help understand customer needs so that we can deploy earlier and proactively engage. Customers. This has helped us to identify approximately 1,000 potential lost customers each month and increase customer retention. In addition, by analyzing the content of call recordings, it has helped reduce the average call time by 11.6% and the number of repeated calls by 32%. This allows us to allocate manpower and resources more effectively. In the future, we look forward to applying artificial intelligence solutions more widely to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and provide customers with better services."

Dr. Miles Wen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fano Labs, said: "I am very happy to cooperate with China Mobile Hong Kong this time to use our artificial intelligence technology to enhance the effectiveness of customer service and bring quantifiable value and impact to the company. We will continue todDeepen and improve products, use artificial intelligence customer service system and voice analysis to help and promote the telecommunications industry to create more value and business opportunities in the digital transformation."

About Fano Labs

Fano Labs is an artificial intelligence start-up company rooted in Hong Kong. It has an artificial intelligence team composed of professors, doctors and post-doctors, focusing on the frontiers of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) Technology development and application. At present, the company has provided artificial intelligence solutions such as artificial intelligence customer service systems and voice quality inspection systems for many government departments, financial, communications and other industries. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong Science Park, and its business operations cover Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and Southeast Asia.