Fano Labs came second in New World innovation challenge

Fano Labs came second in New World innovation challenge
January 17, 2022

Source: iMoney

New World Development’s support start-up platform Eureka Nova held the "New World Innovation Challenge" last Saturday (November 27) to allow Hong Kong's innovation and technology talents to develop their creativity. The competition is divided into a start-up group and an open group. The participants of the start-up group are mainly Hong Kong start-up companies, and the open group is mainly composed of college students and internal staff of New World.

Participants will conceive solutions for the needs of New World's retail, physical management and other businesses. At the same time, New World Development also arranged workshops for the contestants to share their experience with group executives and successful local start-ups, including Prenetics, Animoca Brands, DayDayCook, SmartMore, and Vyond. The competition attracted nearly 200 teams to register. The final winner of the start-up group was Carnot Innovation, and the runner-up was Fano Labs. Eureka Nova will open up opportunities for the winning team to cooperate with New World's businesses and commercialize their innovative solutions.

The runner-up Fano Labs is a Hong Kong startup that focuses on language artificial intelligence development. It provides intelligent voice analysis for various industries. Through automatic detection and analysis of the dialogue between employees and customers, it is more efficient to understand the service quality of employees. In addition, an omni-channel customer service system will also be provided. Through automatic voice detection and analysis, customers do not need to choose a language in advance. The self-service customer service system can also automatically respond to questions. At the same time, Fano Labs can produce speech synthesis, assuming merchants collaborate with a celebrity for voice talent, you can make a complete set of voices with high fidelity through the celebrity’s just a few words and apply it to the self-service customer service system.

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