Fano Labs officially graduated from HKSTP Incubation

Fano Labs officially graduated from HKSTP Incubation
June 6, 2022

On March 21, Fano Labs officially graduated from the Incubation Projects of Hong Kong Science Park! Dr. Miles Wen, founder and CEO of Fano Labs, one of the fastest-growing and best-performing startups in the incubator projects, was invited to share his experience and insights in the entrepreneurial process at the mentor sharing session. Also, Dr. Miles Wen is invited to serve as a mentor for the Hong Kong Science Park Instructor Program.


It was an event held by the HKSTP with "Make It Hong Kong" as the theme. This is a two-week celebration of the progress of the science. Designed to provide a variety of technical seminars, exchanges, presentations, and smart life prototypes, it allows companies to better experience the new concept of “Work. Live. Play”, and Science Park startups to gain more attention and opportunities. Yesterday, it was the start date of this event.

At the scene, all companies exhibited their products and technologies at the booth, and many people from the industry came to have a look.

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On the grass behind the Science Park, the Incubation Graduation Ceremony began as scheduled. Under the applause and blessings of the corporate partners in the audience, as well as the attention of the major media in Hong Kong, Mr. Albert Wong, CEO of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, issued diplomas for each company.

During the mentor sharing session, Dr. Miles Wen, the founder and CEO of Fano Labs, was invited to the stage. He talked about the experience and insights in the entrepreneurial process in the interview with a sense of humor. In order to nurture more science and technology enterprises, Dr. Miles Wen was invited to serve as  a member of the Mentor Program of HKSTP.

Following the graduation ceremony was the “Let’s Rock & Roll! ” Lawn Party. Business people gathered here to talk and learn from each other in the sound of champagne and brisk music. The atmosphere is pleasant and harmonious.

As the evening came, the event gradually came to a closure.

Thanks to all the companies, partners and mentors who have accompanied and supported Fano Labs in the past three years. In the future, we will work harder to make use of artificial intelligence to empower financial, government, communications and other industries, to contribute to the development of smart cities, and to usher in a smarter future with you!