FANOVATION seminar fosters multinational corporates in language AI adoption

FANOVATION seminar fosters multinational corporates in language AI adoption
April 25, 2023

On March 30, we have hosted an incredible seminar as part of our ongoing FANOVATION series, bringing together professionals from over 20 companies to discuss the latest insights from customer interactions, frameworks, and best practices. With a turnout of 50+ attendees, the event was a resounding success! Our team shared cutting-edge AI technology solutions designed to help businesses automate workflows and gain valuable insights into customer needs. Specifically, we discussed the hottest use cases for contact centers, including business insights discovery, churn detection, and operational efficiency improvement.

Fanovation 2023
John Poon, VP in Business Operations, introduced "Language AI for Customer Interaction Analytics and Business Insights Discovery"
Terence Pong, VP in Business Consulting, performed a demo session for Callinter – Interaction Analytics Platform

For those who attended, we hope that you found the event informative and valuable. We showcased key features of our language AI technology and shared case studies highlighting the impact of our solutions on business outcomes. Our networking session was a great opportunity for attendees to interact with industry experts and connect with other professionals who share a similar interest in language AI technologies.Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this event. Keep an eye out for our upcoming seminars and workshops in the #FANOVATION series, where we will continue to explore the latest trends and technologies in AI.