HKSTP Banking Virtual Lab's first innovation case: Fano Labs

HKSTP Banking Virtual Lab's first innovation case: Fano Labs
June 6, 2022

We are honored to be able to work with the Hang Seng Bank’s retail banking IT director Stephen Leung and Hang Seng Bank’s team to jointly create Fano Labs innovative solutions and more new use cases!

The bank virtual laboratory launched by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park recently promoted the first innovative solution. The simulation data and API provided by the supporting partner Hang Seng Bank and its innovation project FinTecubator created the park company Fano Labs to develop an automated voice system to follow up suspected fraud cases. Through this virtual scene, Hang Seng Bank has greatly shortened the trial period of innovative solutions from a few months to a few weeks, quickly verifying the effectiveness of the new solution; in the process, the bank does not need to worry about the security of data and information in the enterprise, greatly reducing the security arrangement of the surrounding system.

At the same time, using this test environment and using the simulated data provided by the bank for testing, Fano Labs can accurately and effectively target the pain points faced by bank customers and demonstrate the strength of its innovative solutions, thereby enhancing customer confidence and promoting the adoption of the solutions by the market.

More test cases will be born in the bank's virtual laboratory and Fano Labs, so stay tuned!


In addition, we are very grateful that HKSTP Banking Virtual Lab can provide this platform to make this cooperation successful! The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park is currently the largest scientific research base in Hong Kong. HKSTP focuses on translational research, product development, and market promotion for local and overseas markets. In recent years, it has particularly focused on the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, biomedicine, data and smart cities, and financial technology. It has continued to innovate and cultivate Talents, benefit the world. HKSTP also continues to serve innovation and technology ecosystems through the five groups of biomedical technology, electronic technology, green technology, information communication technology, materials and precision engineering technology.

About Banking Virtual Lab

By capturing the simulated banking data and application programming interface (API) provided in the sandbox, it can provide concept testing and verification for financial technology solutions and products. Refer to the actual banking services and product operations and simulate various banking service scenarios to develop more practical, efficient and easy-to-use solutions. Hang Seng Bank has taken the lead in becoming a partner of the first bank's virtual laboratory, supporting the idea of ​​co-innovation.

We are looking forward to jointly developing Hong Kong's financial technology in the future!

About Fano Labs

Fano Labs is an artificial intelligence technology company founded in Hong Kong. The company focuses on artificial intelligence technology companies with multilingual, dialect and small language speech and semantic processing technology. The company's self-developed speech recognition, voiceprint recognition, natural language processing and other cutting-edge technologies support the recognition, understanding and analysis of Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, and Southeast Asian minor languages.

After several years of product research and development and industry accumulation, Fano Labs provides intelligent, professional and localized artificial intelligence products and services for customers in industries such as finance, government, and communications. Fano's artificial intelligence customer service system can help companies improve customer service efficiency, reduce operating costs, and achieve automation and intelligent upgrades in customer service; our artificial intelligence voice analysis system can help companies effectively reduce compliance risks and comprehensively improve internal Management quality and business development level.

At present, Fano Labs has developed into one of the best speech and semantic startup companies in Greater China, and strives to use artificial intelligence technology to empower traditional industries and create greater value for customers in all walks of life.