Fano Labs Successfully Hosted Language AI Community Forum

Fano Labs Successfully Hosted Language AI Community Forum
June 6, 2022

With the great support from partners, Fano Labs has organised its first “Language AI Community Forum: Language for Real 2021” on 26 November. The event aims to introduce to our partners Fano’s latest development in business, product and research, and how partners can benefit from collaborating with our technology, that can translate into real-life use cases for different industries. We are honoured to have representatives joining us from various clients, partners and system integrators, including Cathay Pacific, China Mobile Hong Kong, Microsoft, HKT, CTINT, Konica Minolta, JETCO, China Telecom Global and more. 

The event kicked off with an opening speech by our Founder & CEO, Dr Miles Wen, whom has given us an overview on the major achievements of Fano Labs in 2021, and the latest technology and products we have introduced.

We have announced our latest release - the world’s first Auto Language Detection capability. Our ASR and NLP model can now handle multiple language switches on the fly more accurately, which is very useful for multilingual business environment in Hong Kong. We have also launched our human-like text-to-speech solution, along with highly-realistic custom voice for enterprises, which can be coupled with our voicebot and chatbot for more natural and efficient customer interactions.

The session was followed by a panel discussion by our guest speakers Gordon Chu, Digital Manager, Conversational Platform of Cathay Pacific and representative from one of the largest operators globally. They have shared valuable insights of the real-life use case, and their experiences in bringing language AI for their enterprises.

At the second half of the forum, Terence Pong, our VP in Product Marketing has showcased the latest development in our language and speech solutions, and performed live demos for our award-winning speech analytics system Callinter, Voice Biometrics and Text-to-speech technologies. 

Our last session was delivered by our CTO and Chief Scientist Dr. Albert Lam, with a focus on Fano’s vision in our research and development. Fano Labs is recognised as one of the few Designated Local Research Institutions (DLRI) in Hong Kong, which we and our partners can benefit in many ways.

In between sessions, our guests also had the opportunity to network and meet with other key players in the industry. The room was filled with energy and insightful exchanges of expertise from different industries.

Fano Labs will continue to strive to provide professional artificial intelligence solutions for enterprises, and we sincerely thank all partners for participating in this event!