Churn Analysis for Telecom Service Hotline

Churn Analysis for Telecom Service Hotline

Fano Labs' speech analytics system enables a Hong Kong telecom company to analyze their customer interactions on phone call conversations, and identify any potential churn customers for further retention opportunities.


Churn prediction means detecting which customers are likely to leave or cancel a subscription to a service. It is a critical prediction for many subscription businesses because acquiring new clients often costs more than retaining existing ones.

How We Helped

Telecommunications companies now adopts Callinter to predict and identify each potential customer churn, and their various reasons of leaving. Once you can identify those customers that are at risk of cancelling, you should know exactly what retention strategies to take for each individual customer to maximise their chances to remain.

Every time a client leaves, it represents a significant investment lost. Both time and effort need to be channelled into replacing them. Therefore, with Callinter being able to predict when a client is likely to leave, and offer them incentives to stay, can offer huge savings to a business.

Business Impact