Identify Business Insights in Teleco Operator Service Hotline

Identify Business Insights in Teleco Operator Service Hotline

A global telecommunication operator adopts Fano Labs' speech analytics to uncover business insights, monitor telesales service quality, and improve operational efficiency.


Contact center plays more important role as revenue generation center. Enterprise is finding ways to increase the revenue through tele-sales. The tele-sales turnover rate is high and many of them are not well trained before starting to serve customers. Hence, they will miss lots of sales opportunities. The current quality assurance only focuses on customer service, and does not cover sales related matters.

How We Helped

Fano Lab's speech analytics system Callinter monitors 100% customer interactions and automatically identifies potential sales opportunities for tele-sales to follow up. It can also provide real-time assistance to guide the agents when closing a deal. Through a scorecard system, Callinter can also identify the outstanding performers and their best practices for selling, for instance, what are the products, services or offers are successful, what are the competitive positions.

Business Impact

In general, the sales successful rate can be increased from 30%-200%. For this particular telecom company, we have successfully

  • increased the retention rate by identifying 1000 potential churn customer per month;
  • reduced average call duration by 11.6%;
  • reduced recurring calls by 32%

The enterprise can further fine-tune their sales strategies and training based on our speech analytics.