Secure and Seamless Speaker Verification in Banking Services

Secure and Seamless Speaker Verification in Banking Services

A local bank has partnered with Fano Labs to create a secure and seamless speaker verification method with voice biometrics technologies.


Identification and verification(ID&V) is a very important process for users to access services offered by enterprise and government services. Traditional ID&V is very costly because many of the scenarios require human intervention. Each process can take30 seconds to over 1 minute to process. In addition, the traditional verification is easy to compromise.

How We Helped

FocoPin offer speaker verification by leveraging voice biometrics. When customer speaks, the system automatically verifues his/her identity. In addition, the solution can add additional features, such as keyword detection, so that in case any specific word is spoken, the application can carry out certain action or raise an alert.

Business Impact

The speaker verification can significantly reduce the operation cost. In contact center scenario, it canreduce 20% of overall call duration (which means a saving of averageUS$0.4/call). For a medium to large size enterprise (2500-5000 calls per daywhich require verification), it implies a saving of US$350K-700K per annual.