RegTech: Sales Monitoring for Customer Interactions in Banks

RegTech: Sales Monitoring for Customer Interactions in Banks

Fano Labs helps one of the most distinguished local Chinese banks in Hong Kong to develop a speech analytics platform for sales and trading surveillance. It conducts compliance checks for relationship managers during customer interactions and detects any mis-selling practices of financial products.


Banking and financial services institutions (FSIs) are strictly regulated by financial regulators to ensure all sales practices comply to regulatory standards. The internal compliance officers (1st and 2nd line of defence) have to regularly monitor the phone calls between the relationship managers and customers, and make sure proper disclosure and due diligence processes are conducted.

However, these self-monitoring work requires sifting through hours of audio manually, that are costly and ineffective. Oftentimes to save time, compliance officers only sample less than 5% of these calls for compliance checks. Failure on the part of risk control to detect amiss practices could put these businesses at risks of heavy fines and lawsuits.

How We Helped

With Callinter, we have helped numerous banks and FSIs to fully transcribe customer interactions in its entirety, and undergo compliance checks. In case of any compliance breach or mis-selling practices, Callinter can automatically flag up the exact audio involved and alert the compliance team, so that further remedial actions can be taken. As a result, Callinter enhances the operational efficiency for relationship managers and compliance officers, and more importantly, protects the businesses from risks.

Business Impact